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Finding a happy thought at the bottom of a very large pile of unhappiness is my happy thought

So today was one big pile of unhappy. Eight hours of sifting through very thick files to find contracts, unstacking and restacking boxes, having said boxes fall on your head when trying to get them off of the top of bookshelves, sneezing nonstop because said boxes full of said files haven’t been opened in up to six years and coming home with hands covered in paper cuts does not a happy thought make.

But then, right as I was almost done and about to leave, it turned out the second to last box of files wasn’t a box of files at all, but a box of YA books! And these were copies of the book that I’ve been told I could have if I could find it, but I couldn’t. But today I did! Worth eight hours of sifting through files and 27 paper cuts? Um, I’m not going to think about it.


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I WILL make it through the next two weeks.

I will make it through the next two weeks. I will make it through the next two weeks. I will make it through the next two weeks.

Have you ever had so many things to do that you find yourself saying “I wish there were more hours in the day” except not all funny and like haha we all need more hours but actually serious as in how am I supposed to do everything that I’m supposed to do in the next two weeks I don’t think it’s possible kind of way? And everyone keeps telling me to get help on the things that they aren’t asking me to do. I feel like everyone else is a big strong train that’s already finished their job and I’m just this little blue train in a cardigan and if I don’t do everything on time then all the little boys and girls in the world won’t have food to eat or toys to play with and it will be all my fault.

I WILL make it through the next two weeks.


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Free books are my happy thought

I admit it, pretty much the only reason I want to work in publishing is so I can continue to work in places that will let me take home any book I see. So far including but not limited to: children’s books, YA books, cookbooks, and poetry.

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Being home is my happy thought

After a crazy awful hectic week I finally feel like I have everything sorted. I’m caught up on reading, I spent a considerable chunk of the weekend babysitting my awesome nyc kids (and playing a great g-rated version of 10 fingers. hilarious) and I’ve planned my first program! Yay! Life is calm.

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Finishing Spring training is my happy thought.

Six hours Friday.

Eighteen hours Saturday.

Ten hours Sunday.

This came up when I googled "Finish Line." Gotta love it.

I’ve been successfully trained, my floor is decorated, and I am all set for the semester to begin. Love RAing. Love training when it’s over.

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Magical winter moments are my happy thought

So today I went ice skating with one of the kids I babysit and we had a blast going round and round and pulling each other along and almost falling but then we wouldn’t and then and then almost at the end it started to snow just a little bit and the lights of the city were coming on and we had just warmed up with some hot chocolate and we were laughing our heads off and then there was snow. Lovely.

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Having a grown-up bag that I can take to interviews without being embarrassed is my happy thought

Because when my old, canvas, patterned bag finally gave up and died all over Broadway last Thursday, I knew it was time to take the leap and get something that made me feel, I don’t know, less like a 13 year old with an Urban Outfitters fixation and more like a Real Person.

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