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A lot to learn

So a few days ago I picked up the seven year old boy I babysit from his baseball practice in Central Park, and he rode his scooter home while I walked behind. For a while he did this really neat trick where he managed to circle around me while I walked, continuing to move forward with every circle. And we started talking about what we’re afraid of.

I told him I’m afraid of elevators, specifically elevators that have so many people in them that, if it were to break down, everyone wouldn’t be able to sit down at the same time. He laughed at me!

Then he told me that he’s afraid that a man is going to go into his room during the school day and lie in wait for him until he goes to sleep. I reminded him that the super awesome doormen at his building would never let that happen. It took them about two years before they stopped asking me who I was every time I showed up at the apartment!

So then he goes, “Becca. Seriously. He wouldn’t come in through the lobby.”

So I say, “Well then how is he going to get into your room? A serious flaw in your plan! Ha!”

And he goes, “Becca. He’ll climb in through the window?”

Then he stopped his scooter in front of me, grabbed my arm and goes, “You sure have a lot to learn. You’re afraid of elevators, when you should be afraid of windows.”

I feel like there’s a life lesson in there somewhere, just aching to get out.



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