Surprise food is my happy thought

I am a college student. Beyond that, I’m an RA (read: free meal plan). I’m also trying to save enough money to sublet an apartment this summer, while simultaneously buying YA books all the time to keep up with my job. This means that I eat dining hall food all. the. time.

It gets really tiresome. I even eat it on my lunch break from my internship, because my internship happens to be about three blocks from a dining hall. Lovely.

But today when I walked into the dining hall, trying to convince myself that another lunch of cherry tomatoes, pasta salad, and cantaloupe was what I really, really wanted, I looked up to find magical food had replaced all of the regular fare! It was Innovations Day or something. I had a gyro salad for lunch with a great fruit salad (with STRAWBERRIES in it!) for dessert! Do you know how rarely strawberries show up in dining halls? Happiness.


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