Power of the people is my happy thought.

So clearly, people dying is not a happy thought. Nor are dozens of injuries and a national museum getting looted.

But waking up and finding out that the unwanted leader of a country has actually left to run to his vacation home is pretty incredible. And yes, I realize this doesn’t mean all of Egypt’s problems are over. Their problems are far from over. But knowing the people really do have the power to make a difference and stand up for themselves is kind of amazing. I’m one of those people who feels a little defeated when I think about all of the civil rights that people still do not have, or the environment and the impossible position we’re in regarding saving our planet, or growing old, and how everyone seems to hate it so much. How do we fix all of that? But those people in Egypt took a huge risk, and even if they don’t get everything they asked for, they have this. They have today. And that’s pretty cool.


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