Oh, the life of a literary intern

So I was going to write a post about my schedule in Gallatin this semester and how awesome it is, but then I came across  SlushPile Hell, and I thought it was a way better way to show you all what I read all day.

Just a sample:

“My book will sell more books then the bible and it will take man out of the “mud’ that is ignorance, provoking an evolution in man that will in turn provoke a cataclysmic event….and that is the power long waited for. The question is “who” will be the publishing house that offers the right contract, and who will be the agent that humors me until the book is printed and sold world wide.”

I read a query very similar to this on Thursday, but the author didn’t go quite so far as to compare their book to the bible. Only to, oh, Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck, and Dostoyevsky.

What is a query letter you ask? This.


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One response to “Oh, the life of a literary intern

  1. Rachel Cloyd

    Hahahahaha. Thats great.

    This is even funnier because I just finished watching all the vlogs Maureen Johnson made while John was on paternetiy leave.

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