Strangers making me feel better is my happy thought

So today started out at a stink level. From the moment it was 11:59 yesterday and it turned into 12am today, my day was not fun. I’ll just say I was on duty, meaning I was the First Responder to all things going on in UHall, and even though there was NOTHING going on in UHall that required my attention, I was still called several times in the middle of the night. And no, I don’t mean at like one in the morning middle of the night, I mean like 3:30am, then 4am, kind of middle of the night. The kind you don’t recover from, and when you do, you’re called again, an hour later.

Did I mention the subway was about this crowded when I was running through?


BUT THEN I was going down the stairs in the subway to go pick my babysitting kids up from school and the 6 train was THERE ready to leave, so I started running because the next one wouldn’t be for another good 10 minutes, and everyone on the stairs parted for me and several people started yelling “Go go go go go!” and when I made it, people cheered.

I made it on the subway, and people cheered for me. Thanks, New York.



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2 responses to “Strangers making me feel better is my happy thought

  1. kelsey

    omg this brought a tear to my eye. and i needed it today, a day which started with me eating it across broadway and everyone at the light honking at me the second it turned green. i said mean things to the city in general and still feel bad about it.

  2. John Cloyd

    Loved this – thank you!

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