Space is my CRAZY thought

So occasionally, I get to take my awesome babysitting kid, Roan, to the Museum of Natural History on Friday afternoons, because he gets out of school at 1pm and they have a membership which means we get to go to all the movies and the planetarium for free. We also usually spend an inordinate amount of time in the reptile room looking at the wolverines devour a warthog.

Anyway, last time we went (five days ago) we went to the Planetarium and listened to Whoopi Goldberg narrate the beginnings of the universe and show us how stars are born and everything and every time we see this, I cry. The American Museum of Natural History is about as close as I come to organized religion. It just feels incredible to be sitting there, knowing that it’s possible to be sitting there because billions of years ago a gas cloud came together and formed the first stellar nursery. We’ve also seen an IMAX movie on repairing the Hubble Telescope, which is where I first learned about stellar nurseries, so when I saw this video:

I got really excited and somewhat emotional, because what is cooler than learning about where we came from, in the most literal sense of the word? I’m so excited to see what this telescope sees, and to know what it will know!


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