Bucket List Item #1: See a Moose

Sometimes I’m so distracted looking up pictures of moose online and reading about them on Wikipedia that I don’t get any work done. Hence, the Bucket List. I needed to tell someone about my obsession.

My immediate family may recall our trip to Yellowstone, which occurred during my phase when any and all nature just did not appeal to me. The only redeeming thing, I thought, about our trip to Yosemite and Jackson Hole was not seeing the geysers or rafting on the Snake river, but the possibility of seeing a moose. We looked everywhere. I was determined, but by the end of the trip no moose had been sighted, and ever since I’ve had a strange fascination with moose (meese?).

And so, Bucket List item number one: See a Moose.



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2 responses to “Bucket List Item #1: See a Moose

  1. What a funny thing to put on your bucket list. I love it! Moose are such awkward animals! I know this guy who although he is very tall and lanky reminds me of a moose. It’s weird, I know…

  2. Allison

    When I saw the subject line in my email, I IMMEDIATELY knew what this post was about. And I still laughed quite a bit.
    ps. we decided its meese
    pps. has nature redeemed itself to you yet? I feel that maybe that isn’t a phase.

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