Surprising myself is my happy thought

So if you had asked me yesterday if I would ever consider putting prints of animals on blank backgrounds up in my apartment, I would have given you a decisive hell no.

But then I stumbled across these:

And I can’t stop fantasizing about putting them up in a row next to the coziest chair in my room to keep me company while I read.

Or mixing this gem in with the multitude of pictures I have up of my family and friends next to my bed.

Breathtaking, aren’t they? Find them at The Animal Print Shop. (Un)luckily for me, they’re have a 4 for 3 sale for the small prints this week. We’ll see if I can stay strong and not give in to the temptation. I’m not happy that I’ll be pining after these prints for the next forever or so, but I am happy that I can surprise myself so thoroughly!


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