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Finding a hidden gem that shows my favorite author agrees with me on Twilight is my happy thought

Just go to 1:53. It starts with Brucula.


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Having time to go to the Met is my happy thought

Also, getting off the first floor of the Met for the first time ever is another happy thought.

Ah European paintings, how I missed you this summer and fall.

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Finding a happy thought when it seems like there isn’t going to be one is my happy thought

Today was not exactly happy. I woke up, took a test, finished my last paper for my child lit class, then went to my last Domesticating the Wild in Children’s Literature class ever. So. Sad. I don’t know what I’m going to do next semester without it. I mean, I’m creating an Independent Study with this professor, so I’ll still be working with her, but it was still so sad.

Then I came home and found this on my google reader!

It’s a collaboration of a six-year-old and his father. Lovely. If I had extra money to keep buying prints, it would be the next thing coming in the mail.


Also, a resident gave me a tangerine on the elevator. Another happy thought.

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I think it may be my favorite word.





Especially when I have reason to include it in a paper in a sentence like “Nevertheless, the message is clear.”

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Bucket List Item #1: See a Moose

Sometimes I’m so distracted looking up pictures of moose online and reading about them on Wikipedia that I don’t get any work done. Hence, the Bucket List. I needed to tell someone about my obsession.

My immediate family may recall our trip to Yellowstone, which occurred during my phase when any and all nature just did not appeal to me. The only redeeming thing, I thought, about our trip to Yosemite and Jackson Hole was not seeing the geysers or rafting on the Snake river, but the possibility of seeing a moose. We looked everywhere. I was determined, but by the end of the trip no moose had been sighted, and ever since I’ve had a strange fascination with moose (meese?).

And so, Bucket List item number one: See a Moose.


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Paper writing time again is my happy thought

Writing a paper comparing this girl:

to this girl:

is my happy thought (specifically Eclipse to the original Hans Christian Andersen fable, not the Disney movie).

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Having the long-term use of my hands is my happy thought

It’s a long story, but I will be writing my 10 page final paper with the use of only nine of my digits (no worries, my right ring finger will be ok in a few days!) and I have never been so grateful for (normally) having all ten of my fingers than I am now. Eventually I’ll be writing 20 or 30 or 100 pages and it will make things a lot easier to have the finger that I use to hit the delete and the major punctuation mark keys functioning.

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