Hope is my happy thought

Watch it and be sad. But be happy because more and more people are realizing that this is all true and more and more people are trying to do something about it. And it will change and school will be useful again.

(If you have time, please watch the whole thing.)

I get funny looks when I tell people that I pay (err, parentals pay) an astronomical amount every year for an Individualized Study program. But why? Why do people seem to think my schooling is so…so, I don’t know exactly what they think, actually, but most people seem to think I’m not getting my money’s worth. I assure you, I am. I spend hours every semester planning out the next one. Each of my classes is carefully chosen to expand my knowledge in useful and interesting ways. I don’t get to simply run my finger down a list and check off requirements without having to really really think through why this class, exactly. Why not some other class?

Why isn’t it those folks that pay astronomical amounts to take a cookie cutter education that are given the funny looks? Because from where I’m sitting, they the ones not getting their money’s worth. They are the ones that blindly hand over checks for classes they didn’t investigate, haven’t thought through, aren’t positive of why this class is so important. They are the ones that have let others take their education out of their hands. I have mine, I own it, and it’s freaking awesome.

So take your funny looks elsewhere, people, and please realize that when I say I’m an Individualized Study student, if you knew what I do every day, the work I put into my education, you would realize that I’m really getting the education we all want for our kids, but I’m getting it right now.


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