New journals are my happy thought

Not only because some events in my life are so neatly wrapped up in the last one, but because this time the transition came right with the new month, which was so satisfyingly orderly.

But I have a question. I noticed when I got home from Staples with my new eco-friendly composition book that it isn’t recycled, it’s made out of sugar cane paper. Hmmmm…is this as good as recycled paper? What if everyone just switched over to sugar cane paper, wouldn’t it just be transferring the problem from trees to sugar cane? And if we can use sugar cane for paper, why can’t we just use corn since we have a scary overabundance of it? I feel like my previous notebook, which was 100% recycled, did a little better on the whole eco thing than my new notebook, which isn’t recycled and is using new materials, even though they aren’t trees. Is it cheaper for Staples to have sugar cane notebooks instead of recycled notebooks? Is it weird for me to be so picky about this?

It’s just, I only get a new notebook about ever eight months so it’s going to be with me for a while.


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