Who was in charge of this design decision?

So was super excited because I got a really good deal on a bunch of books from Amazon and some of them came in the mail today (I’m currently working on expanding my childrens/young adult book collection as I need it for my senior colloquium thing) and I knew the books in this particular box were the other two books that I don’t own/haven’t read by my favorite author so I’m looking forward to a rainy evening of reading them while drinking hot chocolate so I opened the box and this happened:

Do you see it? No?


Do publishing houses not understand the pure satisfaction of lining up all your books by the same author/publisher and having them all be exactly the same size, thereby forming a little book army of wonderfulness on the shelf? Why would someone do this to me? I organize my bookshelves by both size and author, and books by the same author being the same size is what allows me to do this. Now I have to decide if I’m going to separate John’s books and put Katherines over with some other, bigger books, or if I’m going to disrupt the continuity of the visual line of the shelf in order to keep the books together.


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