Rainy days are my happy thought

Today definitely did not start off as a happy thought. First, I was late and I absolutely could not be late because I had a test and if I was late for the test I wouldn’t be allowed to take it. Second, it was raining and I couldn’t find my umbrella. Third, as I finally rushed out the door sans umbrella (but with rainboots) I grabbed my black raincoat only to find out in the elevator that my black raincoat was not my black raincoat but was in fact my black wool coat. I had no time to go up and switch because I HAD to get to class, so I ran/walked 13 blocks (making it in record time, I might add) and took the test smelling like a wet sheep. Then I ran/walked 13 blocks back and this is where the happy comes in.

Ah, time. Tea and time. Tea and time while you no longer smell like a wet sheep and you have two hours to sit and just sit until your next class and your next class is your favorite class ever so it’s not even a bad thing that you have to go out in the rain again.



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One response to “Rainy days are my happy thought

  1. Caitlin

    wet sheep! oveja mojada!

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