Major problems being solved by simple inventions is my happy thought

So I don’t know about you, but every night when I’m brushing my teeth I always get struck with the craving for just one gulp of water. Not enough to make me want to walk into the kitchen, grab a glass, get my Brita, fill the glass, usually filling it way too much, and then feel obligated to drink the whole thing when all I really wanted was one good, cold gulp, but enough to make me hesitate at the sink and look down at the space in between the faucet and the drain, wondering if my head is small enough to fit in that gap so I can get at the water.

So you know, it’s not.

Having the Tapi would fix all my problems! Maybe not all of them, but a daily problem, which would make it seem like multiple problems had been fixed. It also might help when you want to fill up a pot or something that is a little too large to comfortably fit under the faucet. Sweet.


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