Finishing a ten-page devil of a paper is my happy thought

Last fall I took a class on the Qur’an. It was similar in difficulty for me as the class on Plato I finished today, as in, I barely understood a word in class but it ended up being one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken. The  difference was I had an entire semester to devote to my Qur’an class, whereas my Plato class lasted only 7 weeks. We wrote only one 10 page paper and weekly one page responses (which were nowhere near enough to prepare me to write 10 pages). I’ve been writing this paper for two weeks now, put about 20 hours or more of effort into it, and I still feel like I submitted a garbled mess. Oh grading gods, be kind to me. It was my first try writing about Plato!

Even though this isn’t exactly my favorite paper I’ve ever written, I’m so completely over the moon that it’s submitted!


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