My seesters are my happy thought

So sisters. You guys are pretty weird and I know sometimes I don’t participate when you do your weird but fun things like stick your faces in pumpkins.

But just remember that although I don’t take part all the time, at heart I’m just as weird as you guys.

Knowing you guys are in that sunny spot over there being weird together makes me happy every day, but I gotta say, Rach, that today Allie nudged a little ahead as my happy thought ’cause she sent me a cheering up box filled with wonderfully random things including but not limited to a glow in the dark pitchfork and a color-your-own Snoopy. And we all know how much I love Snoopy.



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2 responses to “My seesters are my happy thought

  1. Rachel

    Ouch. And i was going to call! But I’ve been trying to do that whole study-ahead-of-time-and-actually-do-your-reading thing which is taking up a suprising amount of time. But I’ll call soon though. I promise. But i won’t promise a box cuz i just don’t think thats gonna happen.

  2. Allie

    Yeah, I’m cool like that. FYI I LOVE both of those pictures.

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