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Hannibal Lecter is never a happy thought, but…

…watching Silence of the Lambs with some of my fav RAs is!

He’s freaky. Thanks for the great procrastination excuse! Nothing better than a villain who doesn’t keep trophies from his murders because he eats his victims. Gross.


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There are no words for my happy thought.


I’ve watched this oh, seven million times and it never. gets. old.

I particularly like the effect at 56 seconds or so. Oh! There they go!

The best.


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My seesters are my happy thought

So sisters. You guys are pretty weird and I know sometimes I don’t participate when you do your weird but fun things like stick your faces in pumpkins.

But just remember that although I don’t take part all the time, at heart I’m just as weird as you guys.

Knowing you guys are in that sunny spot over there being weird together makes me happy every day, but I gotta say, Rach, that today Allie nudged a little ahead as my happy thought ’cause she sent me a cheering up box filled with wonderfully random things including but not limited to a glow in the dark pitchfork and a color-your-own Snoopy. And we all know how much I love Snoopy.


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Gallatin in my happy thought

Since starting the happy thought project a few weeks (two weeks?) ago, I’ve noticed Gallatin is my happy thought a lot. It disguises itself with posts about Alice and Peter and Thursdays and stuff, but really, none of those happy thoughts would be possible without my awesome school! And my school is very awesome. Today I met with my advisor (I have a new really awesome advisor who actually cares about my concentration, which is also a happy thought) and we started talking about my plan for my last year and half of school and my plans for next semester (next semester is going to be AWESOME). They’re super top secret right now so that I don’t jinx it, but let’s just say now that I’ve finished all my fake Gallatin requirements, I can do whatever I want! So I am! Woot!

Picture explanation: A picture of my Plan of Study for next semester (which is what Gallatin students have to fill out every semester and then get signed by everyone in Gallatin to make sure we actually are going to be attending class sometimes instead of just hosting finger painting parties in the student lounge) is not only TOP SECRET but also super boring to look at (but not boring to plan!). So I picked a picture of a baller cowboy looking out into the sunset because that’s how I felt today talking with my advisor about the rest of my academic career.

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Unasked for paper extentions are my happy thought

So you know the feeling when you have a 10 page paper due in a subject you really suck at and the professor is the Dean of your very small school so you want to make a good impression because she grades the papers herself (unlike most other Deans) and you’re freaking out because you really can’t focus on Plato when you have so much else going on in your life (like discovering YouTubers like these guys) and other stuff too that makes it hard to focus or write concise sentences and then you go to class and she tells you that she has decided to extend the paper deadline from Thursday to Monday for no reason at all?

Yeah. That feels pretty good.

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Cookies+Halloween is my happy thought

There are no words for Bette in this picture.

Our All Hallow’s Eve program kicked ass tonight. It’s because, if you didn’t know, there is no better combination than frosting, cookies, and Hocus Pocus.

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My happy thought is coming early today…


How awesome is that? I’m dressed in my best Gryffindor colors right now (even though I’m pretty sure I’m actually a Hufflepuff) and am about to buy butterscotch to contribute to the Butterbeer brew! I’m SO PSYCHED!!!


If you can’t tell, the party is my happy thought.

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