Ok, so it’s the last day of school (pick any year) and throughout the day you’re saying goodbye to all your friends that you probably won’t see much over the summer. You hug, you repeat inside jokes, you write your phone number in their yearbook which neither of you ever intend on using…

Then you’re totally at peace with the fact that you won’t see them for a long time, and you walk away and say goodbye to other people and have a great last day at school.

THEN, you find yourself waiting for your parents standing awkwardly next to each other after school is out. SO WEIRD, right? You aren’t supposed to see this person for such a long time! It’s summer! You’ve said goodbye!

It happens every year. And this year, it happened to me not with a person, but with a place. I said goodbye to Florence. I got a huge cup of my favorite gelato. I walked around and got lost in the cobblestone streets and had a panino and great cheese and I was happy to go off on a trip to Berlin and Prague and not see Florence again.

But THEN the volcano erupted again and forced Lisa and I to make our way back to Florence EARLY by train! We spent nineteen hours on five trains to get back to Florence to make sure we wouldn’t be stuck in Prague on Wednesday and unable to make our flights home. So now, I have two full days in a city I already said goodbye to!

So awkward.

Btw, full rundown on the train adventure (and our one and a half days in Berlin!) to come when I’m less depressed about being in Italy and not Prague right now.


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