Along came a spider…

I got bit by a spider or something or other last week (and it looks like I tasted good. There are like ten bites all in a little circle on my stomach) and it looks like they’re going to scar as they heal.

So far, no awesome superpowers have revealed themselves but I flick my wrists every night before bed, you know, just in case.

I was fine, even amused, about the giant scar I have on my leg from the motorcycle incident last summer. Good story of my own suburban stupidity.

I was fine, even excited, about the scar from fainting and needing stitches over my eye from last fall. I’d never had stitches before.

But I’m done with scars. I don’t want any other new and foreign marks on my body for a while! So please, little bites, heal nicely, even without all my American healing aids like neosporin and all that jazz. We’ve got to suffer through the natural way. Italian stuff costs like ten euro, so no dice.

Update: Went to an Italian soccer game today and got a lovely sunburn on one half of my body. Attractive.

DoubleUpdate: Ate rabbit for dinner. Think of that what you will.


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One response to “Along came a spider…

  1. Beth

    Run, Bunny! RUN!

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