Seeing as the volcanic explosion in Iceland sadly thwarted my attempt to spend the weekend in Paris with Kelsey, I have time to update!

For Easter weekend (April 1-5), Lisa and I headed down to Naples and met Kelsey, who was on spring break. We went on a cool tour underground in the aqueduct system, called the Sottoterrano (literally translating to under-ground) built several thousand years ago by the Greeks. It was used as their water system for hundreds of years, and during WWII was used as a hiding place for the citizens of the city to avoid bombings.

We walked all around Naples that day and then had the BEST pizza of our lives. Seriously, we spent about five minutes after putting the first bite in our mouths going “Oh. My God. Ohmygod. Oh my God!” So. Good.

The next day was spent in Pompeii, which was beautifully sunny and wonderful. We got there super early after successfully figuring out the somewhat weird subway/train fusion system they have going on over there. We looked around…

…had lunch, then took a two hour nap in the grassy field of the amphitheater. Which, by the way, could seat like 10,000 people or something impressive.

On Sunday, Easter, we took a ferry out to Capri! So beautiful, and definitely gave the feeling of the Italian Greek islands. We took a cable car and a bus all the way to the top of the island, then walked alllllll the way down on the longest flight of stairs I’ve ever seen. We passed a few suckers making their way up on the the way and were very happy that we weren’t them.

We hopped back on the ferry in time to not only have dinner at the pizza place I mentioned before, but a late lunch as well (yes, the same pizza place TWICE in one day), but as it was Easter, EVERYTHING was closed! There was literally nothing open! We bought bags of chips at the only place we found to eat for lunch and dinner, but the man who owns the hostel we were staying at actually made dinner for everyone, since nothing was open. Our epic pizza plans were thwarted. It’s a sore subject, so I won’t bring it up again.

The next day, everything was STILL CLOSED! We were leaving in the early afternoon, so it wasn’t a big deal, but the only place for food that was open only sold cornettos and brioches (Italian pastries) and gelato. So we had brioche and gelato for breakfast. Yum.

We got on the train back to Florence around 2 or so, ending our weekend in Naples! It was a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Well, I guess if I lived right next to that pizza place, I might.


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