Greece is the word: Santorini

We only had roughly twenty-four hours in Santorini, so this one will mercifully be briefer for the three people that are actually interested.

We hopped on the ferry at noon, arrived in Santorini at 3:30, walked off the pier and accepted the first offer of a room in the main town of Fira. Sleeping arrangements: done. This hotel also drove us up the cliffside in their scary van. Transportation to top of huge mountain: done. They also told us they would drive us back down to the ferry the next day. Guarantee of getting back to Athens the next day so that we wouldn’t have to set up a shed on Santorini and start spearheading fish for sustenance: done.

Then we looked around.

And that pretty much sums up our 24 hours in Santorini. We walked around, watched the sunset, slept, went to the beach, slept on the beach, caught the ferry and slept on the way back to Athens. What a stressful trip.

Basic message: Go. To. Greece.


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