Venezia: Te Amo, even in the rain

So three weeks ago I went to Venice again for a day with my Renaissance Art class, but instead of the sun Lisa and I had while there during Carnivale, it was raining. And I’m not talking about any old rain. You know how Venice is supposedly sinking?


This is outside Basilica di San Marco, which if you recall, isn’t normally underwater. We had to walk on those platform as the water kept rising…and rising…and we even had to cut our visit to the church short because the platforms were about to up and float away. Not that inside was immune either.

Yes, the broom is floating. Inside.

All the rivers throughout the city were WAY high.

FYI, usually the stairs leading into the water aren’t underwater. Remember how it looked on a normal day?

We ended up having to cut one of the museums from our day because we couldn’t get to it! There aren’t platforms in any of the back streets, and every street we could use to get to the museum was flooded under several feet of water. A lot of the Venetians have thigh-high rain boots so they can wade through the city, as flooding happens over 80 times a year! Apparently all this funky stuff happens when it rains in specific regions around Venice, like in the mountains. Basically anywhere that runs off unto the Adriatic Sea, actually. Because Venice is protected in a lagoon, it’s also affected by the tides astronomically, so a couple on inches of rain can mean a few FEET of flooding in Venice. Our group leader on the trip told us if nothing is done to protect the city, Venice could be unlivable by 2050! So plan your trips now, guys.

There are several different options that the government is considering to save Venice, but they are all astronomically expensive, or might not work, or will kill the entire ecological system in the lagoon. In fact, a lot of Venetians actively protest the conservation efforts because they are all so controversial, even as their homes are underwater!

It definitely wasn’t the day trip I was expecting. It was a total adventure! But I still loved Venice, even through all the flooding and my squishy socks. I would love to go back before I go back home because, who knows, it might sink before I get another chance!


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  1. Beth Dorsey

    That is so crazy! And kind of awesome!

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