La Colazione

Ah, breakfast. Honestly, I’m not that into breakfast in the States, and I do NOT agree with the mindset that gives kids like, a thousand eggs and pancakes and bacon before they march off to school each day. I’m already tired in the morning, I don’t need all that digestion going on and making me fall asleep during Calculus. At school I take yogurt and granola with me to whatever class I have first, or I eat a piece of fruit or something on my way, so it hasn’t been hard adjusting to the Italian (and it sounds like general European) culture of having only a pastry and coffee for breakfast.

I do, however, miss milk. Terribly. For those in the know, I quite literally drink 2-3 large glasses of milk every day. Some find this weird, especially when they find me drinking a water sized glass of milk while eating yogurt or cheese or ice cream. That’s a lot of dairy. But whatever, it works for me. Here, though, the milk is weird and they don’t just drink milk. Ever. I poured myself a small glass one morning and Valentina looked at me like I had sprouted running shoes out of the top of my head. I mean, she looks at me like that quite often, but this was a little extreme.

So I drink coffee. And it’s a lot better here than at home, for some reason, but I still miss my milk. I also get really hungry throughout the day because we eat breakfast around eight, lunch around one thirty, and dinner around eight thirty, whereas I’m used to snacking on fruit or cheese and crackers ever three to four hours at school. Then again, it’s only been a few weeks so maybe my stomach with adjust!


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