La Festa di Carnivale!

The day before the last day of Carnivale, my host family threw a small party! We were informed that in order to eat, we had to wear a costume, which was totally ok because it gave Lisa and I another chance to wear our awesome Venetian masks! Behold your first glimpse of our awesome family:

From left: Annamaria (la madre), Olga, me, Lisa, Davide

We had wonderful food, met some of the Saracino’s friends, and Davide gave Lisa and I a show after dinner (he’s obsessed with the circus, and had set up a mini one in his room…awesome!). Missing from the photo is Giuseppe, the dad, who teaches us Italian every night and loves learning new English words.

Gotta love this family!

(Note: Annamaria, who is around 45 years old, said she has had that “northern Italian woman” costume since she was sixteen! New goal: fit into one of my current dresses when I’m 45 after having two kids.)


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