Book Lovers, Rejoice!

I have found it. The awesome something that will make people who have a giant list of books on their to-read list and very limited funds very happy. Possibly. This something that I have found will help college students, busy adults, and even high school students who HATE to read.

Free. Online books. Emailed to you in sections each day.

Go ahead, click on the link. Be amazed.

The authors of this website have compiled hundreds of books, divided them into short sections, and have set it up so you can have the book emailed to you daily, once a week, or a few days throughout the week. Now, before some readers (aka my parents) get up in arms about the free part, let me say this:

Public. Domain.

90% of the books on DailyLit are classics, and have therefore become public domain sometime in the last century or so and are completely legal to read for free. The only thing you cannot do with a public domain book is make money off of it (unless you are providing an extra service, as a publisher does when it provides the book in print). The other books on the site are paid for by a sponsorship program, which is explained here.

Now, I am super excited by this. Once I finish the three books I brought with me to Florence, I will definitely start using it. But I can think of a group of people who should be even more excited, because their homework just got a whole lot easier. High school students. Who have to read Tale of Two Cities. AKA my sister who will probably never read this and therefore never benefit from it. My problem in high school wasn’t the books we were assigned (though I hated, to the core of my being, A Tale of Two Cities), it was the fact that I would often leave the reading until the last minute, and then have to read 60 pages in one night. If I had gotten the segments emailed to me, it would have made a huge difference. I might not have religiously read the sections emailed to me every day, but it would have helped.

Plus, now I have books to read this semester! And they travel with me wherever I go!

Can you get email on a Kindle? Because I think this sites adds a point for the iPad.



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3 responses to “Book Lovers, Rejoice!

  1. I am not letting myself look at this just yet, because “Chapter 6: Managers as Decision Makers” calls, but trust that it has been starred in my Google Reader and will be pored over all day tomorrow. This is such a brilliant idea! (And not going to lie, A Tale of Two Cities will be one of the first I try out – I am reading Great Expectations right now for my 19th Century English Novel class and I really love Dickens’ voice!) xx

  2. Woo! That sounds like an awesome distraction. Can’t wait! I do know that you can get wifi on a kindle so…maybe? I guess it would depend on how your email comes across. It wasn’t a fabulous browser when I was playing with Dad’s.

  3. Rachel

    Hey! I am reading your blog!. This website sound really cool and I will for sure look at it but I’m not sure any thing van make The Tale of Two Cities better. My class han’t started it yet but we do next week and I’m dreading the day.

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