Happy Valentine’s Day!

Apparently Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge deal in Italy. Even though St. Valentine was from Rome. And there are all sorts of famous romantic couples such as, I don’t know, Romeo and Juliet?

But no matter! Because Italian is still the language of love, and this next tidbit proves it:

Did you know that in Italy, in most regions and dialects and customs, you ONLY say “ti amo” (literal translation of I love you) to your romantic partner, and not family, friends, etc? To those people you say “Vuoi bene” or “Ti voglio bene” which are both difficult to translate and I’ll butcher it if I try.

Anyways…maybe today you should say “ti amo” instead of “I love you” so that that person knows you’re talking just to them.

Also, watch this commercial, because it’s wonderful:

Have a wonderful day!


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