Decisions, Decisions

So spring break is March 13-21, and we have a lot of planning to do. We have nine days (two of which include travel), eight nights, and about 200 islands to choose from. Some are party islands, some have amazing history with ruins and temples galore, some have beautiful beaches, some are known for their great markets, and other have the best or healthiest or most decadent food known to Greece. Where to go?

On top of that, the schedules of the ferries going from island to island literally changes every week. We’ll also be there at a time that may have some storms, so we have to be prepared for a delay. How many islands should we try to see? Should we go to the really touristy places, like Mykonos or Santorini (which are touristy for a reason…so beautiful!) or should we opt for something a little less known, seeing as we’re going to spend a considerable amount of time in Athens, which is like, tourist heaven.

On top of all THAT, we’re trying to keep this as wallet friendly as possible, and while I’m used to weekend trips and full week trips, as I’ve been traveling to meet friends from Pratt for the last couple years, I’ve never had to deal with THIS! Flights, public transportation, hostels, museum entrance fees, food…

I know this is going to be an awesome trip, but I have four weeks to book everything, and so far it hasn’t come together. Stress time, majorly!


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