Not all those who wander are lost.

So it took a few weeks, but I finally nailed down all my major travel plans! I’ll have a quiet couple of weeks until spring break, and then I’ll be going somewhere almost every weekend. Crazy!

March 13-21 Greece with Lisa and Hayley!

We’re going to Athens and Crete for sure, and I’m hoping to do a day trip to Olympia as well. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Perfect for a week off from this obviously horrible life I lead over here:

Next I’m going to Naples over Easter weekend from April 1-5, with a visit to another southern town in there somewhere, hopefully:

After that I’m going to Rome for a weekend (for free!) with my art history class:

Then Paris for a weekend with my love, Kelsey

And after the program ends Lisa and I are going to Berlin and Prague for an epic train adventure!



Its going to be a fun semester! Has anyone been to these places? Any suggestions for me?


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