I miss my travel buddy

I always have it with me. When I have it, no matter where I am, in a tent, a dorm room, in a new room at home or in a random hotel, I sleep as if I was sleeping here:

Without it, I feel like I’m sleeping here:

Which admittedly is really beautiful but completely uncomfortable. What is this magical traveling buddy?

Simply, this:

My real one doesn’t have a bee on it, though now I really want one. My pillow has seriously traveled over 27,000 miles (along with me) over the last year and a half, but it just didn’t fit this time. And now I’m sleeping on a pillow not filled with wonderful feathers squished into just the right shape from years of my head resting gently on it each night, but a pillow quite literally filled with foam chunks. Foam chunks do not equal wonderful feathers. Now, I totally understand that they do things differently in Italy. Maybe they think it’s totally weird and gross that I willingly place my face next to a glorified pile of bird feathers every night, when in actuality I’m totally afraid of live birds (gli uccelli, for those who are interested in what I do day to day in Italy, and not my sleeping patterns), but this shouldn’t be an issue. I’m afraid of fish, too, but they are totally delicious to eat. Hmmm, me and animals apparently don’t get along. But I digress! Why couldn’t they at least have pillows that are filled with regular cotton or stuffing? Foam chunks? I only love one thing that is filled with foam chunks, and that is Snoopy (I figured that out when I tried to give him a bath once and it took him a week to dry, and then a seam split and all of the sudden there were foam chunks everywhere and his head was a little deflated).

I miss my pillow.

Also, I wonder how you say foam chunks in Italian?



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4 responses to “I miss my travel buddy

  1. John McLelland

    Becca, I just LOVE reading your comments/stories. Foam Chunks in Italian is Los Chunkos de Foamo. Hey, it’s worth a shot

  2. John McLelland

    Actually, it’s “pezzo maschile”, according to the computer.

  3. Beth

    Foam = gommapiuma; chunks = grosso pezzo. Haha, fat pieces of foam. (wordreference.com- its amazing!) Of course, your famiglia might say it differently. Mi dispiace che non puoi trovare un cuscino comodo.

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